Thursday, January 19, 2006

Giving perspectives because I'm a giver

I hung out with some extremely cool folks tonight. I met the one kid online, and he invited me to go out with his boyfriend and two girlfriends. They were really fun people. The girls were especially hilarious! They were cracking me up. I want to hang out with all those guys more. I love people! Oh yeah, we went to my first gay bar. Pretty lame bar, if you ask me. No one was there (seriously). Fortunately, it's the company that makes the outing good or bad. I had a great time.

I was a little nervous before getting there, but they made me feel right at home. I got over it quickly. It was definitely the most positive gay experience I've had. And it was rather wholesome! These people are very down to earth. The two gay guys have been in long, loving relationships with men (one of them was with a guy for seven years), and they aren't into the quick hook ups and stuff. Crazy that I am finding such Mormon-esque gay friends. I wouldn't have anticipated this.

By the way, I've posted a couple links on the side under "The Gay Mormon Debate." The first link is pro-change. It was published by psychologists close to the Evergreen crowd. The second article focuses on the difficulties of gay/straight marriages. In fact, our beloved Official Gay Person, Dave, posted the second link on another blog. I found it, fortunately, and encourage every Mormon to read it. Such great analysis!

I just wanted to provide some resources for those investigating the Gay Mormon debate.


Anonymous Foxx said...

I just read this perspective written by one of my friends. Unique - and you may find it useful.

Voices in my head

1:31 PM  
Blogger Dave Walter said...

"It was definitely the most positive gay experience I've had. And it was rather wholesome!"
: )

(That's it. No OGP comments. I'm just sitting here smiling and being happy for you.)

Foxx: Thanks for posting the link.


3:18 PM  
Blogger DCTwistedLife said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I think you'll find that you can have fun and be YOURSELF, in the gay world....and you will be accepted, as you saw. Not everyone is into partying and casual sex. Thats a stereotype that I am not a fan of. take care.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous C. D. said...

Dear GM: I am glad you went to your first gay bar, and are getting to know some nice gay people. and you shouldnt be surprised that you find wholesome gay friends. you will find whatever it is that you are looking for, whoever you want to meet. there are all types of gay people, just as there are all types of straight people. but most of find find the kinds of friends we want, who we'ere comfortable with, who accept us aswe are. besides bar, check out gay organizations, social oprganizations, political groups. if there is a gay alliance type organization in the arera, go to some meetionngs, meet people, invite them to donunkin' donuts (or wherever) asfter the meeting. you dont have to go on "dates to get to know people. and good luck with it all. it'll all happen naturally. And you will have more and more casual and comfortable experiences. going to the beach with friebds in the summer will be fun... good luck.... C.D.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that you would provide a link to a source as repugnant, misinformed, and hateful as NAAARTH, and a writer a bigotted, foolish, and discredited as Dean Byrd--and then say you are providing this because you are a "giver." Byrd's views on homosexuality are easy to debunk, with minimal researc. He misuses research, misrepresents what scientific studies find. I'm going to exaggerate now to make a point, but if someone put a link on their website to anti-semitic Nazi literature, along with a link to literature non-critical of Jews, and tried to say he wanted to give twoperspectives because he was a "giver," would you buy it? I am NOT saying Buyrd is a Nazi, but his "expertise" on homosexuality is no more accurate than the Nazi's suipposed expertise" on Judaism was. Byrd and his Naarth ilk have damaged a lot of people. They are part of a culture, supported by social conservatives, that would like to suppress your right to live authentically, and hinestly as the gay person you are.

Itb is great you are uswing MySpace to meet people. But if you want to meet people who will like YOU, you have to give them a chance to know you for YOU. Put your own photo up. Describe yourself as the political conservative you are. Don't say you are "middle of the road" in hopes that will be acceptable to more. Explain what your real goals in life are. Don't cop out by saying, "No one reads these blogs. I won't read your if you on't read mine." I read blogs very carefully. I want to know the people I contact on MySpace, and it only works if there is opennness, honesty. It is sad you do not message back those hot guys who write them--if only to say you appreciate their intterest, and you're intimadted by their hotness because you're so new to the scene. You cant be afraid to even meet them. Go meet them. Go to a public c place, like a restaurantr. Talk. Have a meal. There is no harm. I love meetiong people from MySpace. I do not assume we will hit it off. Or expect there will be chemistry. You meet people tob find out. But you have to put yourself out there. Message them bak. Say you're gay Mormon virgin. And you're not looki9ng for sex at this time. If they know who you are and want to meet you, what have you got to lose? But if you put up pictures of someone other than yiou, and don't describe who you really are, you are not letting others know you. and the whole system breaks down. dont be afraid to say who you are--that you don't drink, you don't smoke. don't put yourself down. just be as open as you can.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Where did you go out?

11:11 AM  

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