Thursday, October 05, 2006

The least likely place to meet a quality guy ...

My head hurts. My body aches. It feels like it’s 110 degrees in here. Yes, I’m sick. Ugh. I didn’t go into work today, so I guess this gives me a good excuse to post something to my long-lost blog.

I’m still alive. I don’t have a great excuse for not posting for such a long time. I just never felt like I had anything worth posting ... until two weeks ago. Two weekends ago I ended up going to the Folsom Street Fair. Has anyone heard of this? Well, let me wrap it up for you in four words: disgusting, horrifying, inappropriate, and wrong.

This fair was a very traumatic experience for me. I can’t even begin to tell you what I witnessed that day. I saw men masturbating in the street. I saw men receiving/giving blowjobs. I saw men being whipped and spanked and beat (I really do not understand the whole S&M culture). I saw an unbelievable amount of male genitalia. And all of this happened in broad daylight. I honestly felt so dirty and gross that I just wanted to go home and shower.

These men had no shame. Now, you may be thinking, “That sounds pretty hot.” Well, it wasn’t. There is an unwritten rule that only disgusting men/women can expose themselves. I feel bad for these guys. They obviously need attention and are willing to do anything for it.

Anyhow, let me get to the good part. At the end of the street, there was loud techno music playing (I hate techno) and a bunch of people dancing. A friend and I went dancing for about 20 minutes, and as we were leaving the dance area, I caught the eye of this really good-looking guy. He was fully clothed and looked very down to earth.

He turns to me and says, “You look out of place.” Which I did! I was wearing a polo shirt and jeans. Everyone around me was wearing leather, chains, or no clothes at all. I laughed, and we began chatting for a few minutes. Turns out he was not a fan of the street fair either. At the end of our convo, we exchanged contact info. I can’t tell you how excited I was. This guy was HOT! I’m not used to getting HOT guys’ numbers.

He and I started emailing that week, and then we arranged to meet up this past weekend. We went to dinner and then to a few bars. We then went back to his house. I had a great time with him that night. It had been so long since I had been with a guy – unfortunately, that was obvious.

Let me illustrate my point: while we were kissing, I accidentally lost my gum, and it ended up in his hair! Ha! I’m so retarded. It was so awkward having to stop making out so that we could cut the gum out of his hair. Talk about a turnoff.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, I had a great time with him. We don’t have the best chemistry, and I don’t see us ever dating, but he’s a great guy. I hope to stay friends with him.

It sucks because I am attracted to him physically, but our personalities aren’t a great fit. Isn’t that how it works, though? Either he’s good looking or he has a great personality. You can’t have both. Ha!


Blogger Elbow said...

YES! I'm so glad to hear from you. It's been a long time, and I've missed your posts. I hope you feel better.

And, that's a great story about the gum, It's great you found a friend.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight... You make out with a guy while chewing gum, GET IT IN HIS HAIR to the point where you have to CUT IT OUT, and then you come on here complaining about other people being "disgusting, horrifying, inappropriate, and wrong"!?!

Are you kidding?

9:03 AM  
Blogger Peculiar Mormon said...

This might just be me, but honestly, I thinkt he losing the gum part is absolutely adorable. It wouldn't be a turn-off to me at all...well...except for cutting a chunk out of my hair.

Glad to hear from you! I need to talk to you outside of blog replies again. I'll try to hit you up I think you've inspired me to update my OWN blog.

YIKES about the street fair...double yikes. I agree with you, only the disgusting are those who expose themselves in the streets - be it on a dark night, or a street fair...icky scary yikes!

12:33 PM  
Blogger Gay Mormon said...

Clearly the anonymous writer two comments up was one of the disgusting, exposed men at the Folsom Street Fair ...

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly the anonymous writer two comments up was one of the disgusting, exposed men at the Folsom Street Fair ...

Nope. Been to the Folsom Street Fair once. Definitely not my thing. I just thought the original comment was intolerant, shallow and a bit hypocritical. So it seemed like a bit of turnabout was called for.

Now GM, you may rightly take issue with whether or not this sort of thing should be going on in a public place. But to suggest that the event was ‘inappropriate and wrong’ simply because none of the people there happened to turn you on is, well, inappropriate and wrong. If you want space in this world for people like you, then you need to make space for people not like you.

10:45 PM  

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